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Welcome to undergroundmaps.co.uk - an unofficial database / archive of information about current and historic London Underground pocket maps. We're aiming to build the most comprehensive set of information about all pocket tube maps published by TfL and its predecessors.

You can register for a free account which will give you access to our tools for recording and managing your own collection of maps. You can easily see at a glance which maps you have and which you need. We're working on adding more tools in the near future.

The information provided on this site is sourced from our personal map collections, from that found in the public domain, as well as user submissions. If you'd like to contribute your knowledge to the project, please contact us.

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Latest updates

1st August 2023

So, it's been almost 2 years since the latest update here. That doesn't been we haven't been looking after things behind the scenes - the list of maps is always kept up-to-date. That being said, we have been a little slack on updating our valuation data and haven't introduced any new features for a while.

Rest assured this project is still alive - we're now actively making some technical updates behind the scenes, and you may notice some small changes over the coming weeks.

We'll be sure to provide an update again soon.

28th August 2021

We're working hard behind the scenes to improve our database and the level of detail we have recorded for each map. Some recent updates include:

  • Added material (e.g. paper / think card / thick card) and dimension attributes
  • Added misprint "type" - most misprinted maps are either a design error or print error
  • Added more maps to the database for the "early years"
  • Applied a mass-update of valuation data that covers the past couple of months

31st January 2021

We've made images of map covers available to registered users for most maps. If you can help with any missing images, please get in contact.

19th January 2021

There have been a few updates today as a result of feedback from new members after a brief feature on Geoff Marshall's YouTube channel last night:

  • There is a new "multi-add" feature when adding a map to your collection - this should speed up the time it takes to add multiple copies.
  • If you're logged in to your account, your sorting preference on the map list will be remembered.
  • The total number of maps and valuation entries are now visible on the homepage.

Expect some more new features in the coming days & weeks!

1st June 2020

You can now download a copy of your collection as a spreadsheet - you'll find an "Export Data" button at the top of your collection page.

21st May 2020

We've had a bit of a design refresh! The site should look & feel a little nicer, as well as be easier to use, especially on mobile phones. Let us know if you have any suggestions for further improvements, or spot any issues.

7th October 2018

This is an exciting one - we've started tracking the sale prices of maps! Using this new data, we now show you the average sale price as an approximate valuation for the map. We don't add data for maps in poor condition, but it should give you a rough guide when you look to purchase a map. The data is constantly being updated, and is focused on older / rarer maps for now. Take a look at the first edition Harry Beck from 1933 as an example.

26th September 2018

If you use our site to manage your collection, you'll now see some basic statistics for the size and financials of your collection at the top the "My Collection" page.

21st August 2018

New filters have been added to the list of maps for registered users. These let you see at a glance maps in your collection, maps you have duplicates of and maps you don't have in your collection yet. Register for a free account now »

22nd July 2018

You can now register with us and manage your own collection using our online tools. It makes it easy to see at a glance which maps you have, and which you need. We'll be adding more features in the future. Register for a free account now »

7th July 2018

We've added a map verification feature!

There are many lists of tube maps that have been shared amongst collectors and it is hard to know which are reliable and where the data came from. We're aiming to verify every map in our database against a physical copy to ensure our data is as accurate as possible.

Keep an eye out for " This data has been verified against a physical copy of the map" when you view a map in our database.

We know this process will take some time to complete, especially for the rarer editions. We're currently working through our collection, but if you're able to help with, please get in contact.

May 2018

We quietly launched London Underground Maps to the public to act as a repository of information about tube maps. Features are quite basic for now - a simple list of maps with the ability to click through to see all the data we hold.

This website is NOT an official resource and is in no way affiliated to, or endorsed by TfL (Transport for London) or any other authority.

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