[1933] Map of London’s Underground Railways


Standard Pocket Map



Publication date

January 1933




Harry Beck

Cover title

Map of London’s Underground Railways

Cover design

Cover artist



Waterlow & Sons Limited

Print code


Reference number


First edition Harry Beck.

Sold on eBay for £236.99 in June 2008.

Signed edition sold for £3,200 at Transport Auctions London on 17th Feb 2018.

Anne Letch lists a January 1933 map with o/p "L.P.T.B. 55 Broadway, SW1". The LPTB did not exist until July 1933, so the o/p is later than the map. Letch quotes the reference code as "750M - 1-33", but some collectors doubt this and believe there was a single edition in January 1933, with code "(750M - 1-33)". I have a variant of this map that was printed on thin paper, rather than card, and which has the o/p "L.P.T.B. 55 Broadway, SW1", but its printed content is identical to that of the card map. In particular, the code is the same, "(750M - 1-33)".

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